Thursday, September 12, 2013

Case Study Proposal

Facebook since its inception has risen to be the most visited social media site in the world. When there is that much traffic on a website it tends to be blossoming with opportunities to spread your beliefs or advance your religion. Christian believers have taken advantage of this as they have created some of the most popular pages on Facebook that focus on spreading the gospel. With these trends in mind, I decided to use Facebook as my social media platform. As I have long been a follower of Christianity, I only thought it natural to choose it as the religious context that I will conduct my case study in.

Since there are thousands of religious pages on Facebook, I have decided to look at three of the top five pages when it comes to Christianity. They include "Jesus Daily",  "Joel Osteen Ministries", and "T.D. Jakes Ministries." The aforementioned pages have a range of likes from over 1.8 million to close to 23 million. This is a staggering amount and most pages don't see this type of popularity. They use different techniques to spread their message including motivational pictures or quips, scriptures, and spoken prayers. These are all interesting categories and my research will include looking at the way the followers or "likes" respond to the posts that these pages publish. Which ones get the most likes? Which ones get the most comments? Which one generates the most activity? These are all questions that I will be looking at when studying the relationship between Christianity and Facebook.

I also plan to look at the interaction between the people who post the material and the followers that see these posts. The conversations that ensue are also going to be a focus of my study, as they can lead to enlightening examples of how Christianity has been able to penetrate the Facebook sphere and advance its message.

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